The Tariqa Tijania and the role of women

  • In the name of Allah the compassionate and the merciful I humbly submitt myself to the lord of the worlds and to his siraltul mustaqim Muhammad (S.A.W.) and to the path of Tijania which is a path of pure  grace.  Saalam Waleikum to all of the people of this tariqa, especially the women for we have been chosen by Allah to love his commands and the way of his beloved Prophet(SAW). This is by no means to say that we are better than other women but, that we accept  the purpose of our creation and bend ourselves to "HIS" will

    The women of the Ahylul Bait  have a tremendous role in Islam. Khadijah the most beloved wife of Rasoololah(SAW) was the first person to accept the budding religion and she was the stongest support for her husband (SAW).  As women of the Tariqa we must put into practice the behavours of the  believing women, which should include saddaqa(charity),visiting the sick, and supporting Quran schools. As our cherished Sheik Hassan Cisse(RA) once said  " The men are the fabric of the Tariqa and the women are the thread".

     I am a convert to Islam and  more than twenty years ago I accepted this great way. After some time Allah in his grace had even more mercy on me and gave me this gift of this tariqa through Muhammad Billal Farooq(RA). Soon after we traveled to New York where Sheikh Hassan was the guest speaker for the United Nations. I was in awe and very ashamed to speak because I had never seen a man with such shining eyes clean and pure. Sheikh Hassan was very gracious gentle funny. I was in love. After that first meeting our Jaamat started organizing and making arrangements to attend the mawlud, which at this particular time was being held in the Gambia, and it was awesome. Needless to say from that time on I have travel to Senegambia numerous times even living in the Gambia for a year and also living in Senegal for more than a year.


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